Have you ever met someone who isn’t vegan and been so bewildered that you make a fool of yourself, asking them all kinds of questions about their health, their shoes and what they use to wash their hair?

Not to worry. Weird! Why Aren’t You Vegan? will shed light on non-vegans: why they aren’t vegan, where they get their protein and much more. Here, you’ll find serious(ly funny) interviews with non-vegans that will give you some insight into who they are, what they think and how they even live without cashew cheese.

You’ll also find interviews with vegans, product reviews, and tips for how to be a good vegan.

This blog is the brain child of Lisa Rimmert. For more about Lisa, visit lisarimmert.com.

veganlisa-cow   veganlisa-food   veganlisa-piggy
Pictured Above, Punned Below:
Lisa having a cow over how cute that bovine is at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
Middle: Lisa horsing around, showing off her vegan dinner
Right: Never a boar-ing moment when a pig’s involved

Contact me by email at lisarimmert @ gmail dot com or on Twitter @lisarimm.

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