Interview: Colin Stanley

colinThis blog is fabulous. And that’s not me bragging – at least about myself. See, the reason I love managing this blog is that it enables me to connect individually with some incredibly wonderful people, many of whom I only see in group settings, or, in some cases, I only see about once a year. This week’s interview is with someone I see fairly often (since we’re on an improv team together – plug!), but I’m glad to get to know him better through this interview. Because, ya’ know, there’s meeting people, and then there’s “meating” people.

“Meat” Colin Stanley.

What is your name?
Colin Stanley

How long have you been a non-vegan?
My whole life, although you could argue that I’ve gone through unintentional periods of non-non-veganism.

Why have you decided not to be vegan? Describe your journey to veganism and where you got stalled.
I definitely agree with a lot of vegan ideals, but I’m not a vegan because I enjoy a good cheese from time to time. Also, I don’t want the burden of explaining veganism to people all the time; being vegetarian is bad enough. I was a meat eater most of my life but since 2012 I’ve been about 99% vegetarian. I say 99% because I have eaten meat since becoming a “vegetarian,” but I have my reasons. I often have to work in very remote ranching communities and often there isn’t a vegetarian option at the local eateries. Also if meat would be thrown out otherwise, I’d rather eat it than see it go in the trash.

Where do you get your protein?
Grains, nuts, legumes, vegetables, dairy and on rare occasions meat and fish. Protein is everywhere!

What vegan food do you fear you’re missing out on as a non-vegan?
My sister once made a delicious vegan cheese ball as a Thanksgiving appetizer which was made out of cashews. Cashew cheese balls are pretty delicious, and, as a non-vegan, I don’t pursue foods like that so I’m probably missing out. Also, I switched to almond milk recently and I definitely like that better than regular milk, which makes me think there are a lot of other vegan items I’ve yet to experience.

As a non-vegan, list some ways you try to impose your beliefs onto others.
I impose my beliefs by using a combination of guilt, puppy eyes, fear, lust and blackmail.

Do you eat fish? You eat fish, right? Either way, tell us a fish joke.
I do eat fish and other seafood, but not very often. I probably should identify as a pescetarian, but that would be even more annoying to explain. What kind of fish listens to Bob Marley? A Sal-mon!

colindogsnickersAre there any animals in your life, such as pets or funny neighborhood squirrels? Tell us a story about them.
My childhood dog Snickers attacked and killed a bunny at 2 am on Easter morning. Snickers killed the Easter Bunny.

What do you do for fun besides eating meat and dairy?
I do improv and stand-up comedy.

Do you have any upcoming projects you want to plug? Like a really cool independent improv troupe you’re on with me? Just an idea.
I’m in a really cool improv team called Free Gluten! Also, I recently won Denver’s Next Improv Star. I’m also in The Heirs of Hogwarts, On The Spot, and Sportscenter-Prov, which are all improv shows at the Bovine Metropolis Theater in Denver. I am part of the sketch group Gender Neutral Sweater, which produces comedy sketches for youtube. Check it out at

Make up a question of your own and answer it.
Did you grow that mustache because you want to be a hipster?
No, I grew this mustache because I want parents to keep their kids away from me.

Song: “Naughty Farmer” By Flynt Flossy
Recipe: Almond Milk Ice Cream

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