Tip 30: If You Can’t Say Anything Vegan: “Blah, Blah, Blah, Bone Char.”

veganmofoPosted as part of VeganMoFo (The Vegan Month of Food) 2014

When vegans are involved, things get a little tricky – for all of us. For non-vegans, that often looks like defensiveness or hostility due to the perception that vegans are telling them their food choices are unethical or wrong. For vegans, it often looks like self-righteousness and snobbery. So, I’m using the Vegan Month of Food – a month during which vegan blogs are celebrated and aggregated in one place – to teach non-vegans and vegans how to be nice to each other. If you can’t say anything vegan, don’t say anything at all.

Vegans, please stop saying this.

It’s good that you do your research, and you know which sugary snacks are sometimes processed with bone char, but I draw the line when you feel the need to pronounce it to other vegans as if you’re super happy to be taking away another food option for them. If your goal is to help animals, stop bothering vegans who are eating something with a trace of whatever-the-eff, and go raise awareness of factory farming with non-veg folks as your audience.

Actually, don’t do that. If you’re smugly and publicly disapproving of people who eat foods processed with bone char or fried in oil that also touched meat, that may be evidence that you lack people skills. You might consider using your strengths and doing one of the following:

  • Volunteer to do data entry or other behind-the-scenes tasks for an animal rights group
  • Draft a rule book for vegan eating that includes all the minute ingredients you don’t condone (and then throw it away)
  • Post on vegan Facebook pages (I mean, you’re going to anyway)

What are some alternatives?
Just one. Don’t say anything at all.

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