Review: Having a Kid and Having a Dog ARE Exactly the Same

HappyPupBabyDisclaimer: This review is not based on personal experience but observations made over a couple hours of watching others. Totally legit.

This past week, I traveled home to the St. Louis area to visit my family and friends. While there, I stayed with my parents, who are currently dealing with the joys and “oy”s of training a new puppy. I also visited my friend, who has a one-year-old human child. After careful comparison, I discovered that, despite claims made by new parents that having a child is much harder and more rewarding, it turns out that having a kid and having a dog are actually completely the same. Continue reading

Wanna Go Vegan But Have Cold Feet? Get Some Socks.

bergies-socksI typically don’t do product reviews on Weird! Why Aren’t You Vegan?

But someone asked me to.

And I’m really glad to do it, because not only did I get free goodies out of this whole deal, I also get to write a snarky blog post about something new! That “something new” is Bergies socks! They were kind enough to send me five pairs to try out, and now I’m going to tell you what I think of them. Continue reading