Interview: Mike Berkesch Says Christian Rock is as Awesome as Veganism

mikeberkThis might be the most humble interviewee yet. He does stand-up in Denver, he’s incredibly musically inclined, and he cracks us up in improv shows – notably Denver’s Next Improv Star. Oh, and he has glorious hair. I’m not sure why I’m explaining things about Mike that you’ll learn on your own by reading this interview (and by viewing his photo – I mean, seriously, aren’t those some lovely locks?). I’m lucky to know Mike, and now you will be too!

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Interview: Bobby McCosky isn’t Tempted by Tempeh

boobyI met this week’s interviewee at the first meeting of The Last Sketch Comedy Show on Earth, a sketch group we were both a part of in St. Louis, and I have adored him ever since. He is a master of creativity and artistic skill, always designing set pieces for us with markers and cardboard – everything from a vase with flowers in it to a desk sign for the DoomsDay News segment. I’m not even sure what to say about Bobby that will do his awesomeness justice. He’s considerate, humble, intelligent, hilarious… And seriously, his creativity is unparalleled. I mean it. He’s so creative! He even makes up words. Like “pescatarian.”

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Interview: Andy Sloey Might Have Scurvy

sloeyThis interviewee is a rare breed. He’s the best of both worlds in almost every aspect. He’s fun and lively in groups, and he’s interesting and engaging in one-on-one conversations. He works out, and he’s a video game dorkus. He is a high-powered improv Godfather in St. Louis, and yet he’s incredibly humble.

In fact, now that I think of it, he’s suspiciously humble. There must be something really, really wrong with him. Something that might come up in this interview about veganism. Oh, no…

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Interview: Bryan Fornachon Lost to a Beef Taquito

bryanIf you live in the St. Louis area, you may have seen this guest’s face on a lamp post, street sign or bathroom wall – in the form of a sticker… of his face. That’s right, folks, this guy has the audacity to plaster the metro area with his face. I wonder which nutrient you have to be deficient in to be so full of hubris. I mean, who does this guy think he is?┬áSomeone hilarious? Someone whose presence is desired all over the city? Someone awesomely thoughtful and smart!? Well, he’s right.

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Interview: Amy Milton Wants You to Eat Bugs

amymiltonThe first time I saw Amy Milton do stand-up was the first time I did stand-up. It was at the KC Hall in Edwardsville, IL, and I think we both killed. Although, Amy wouldn’t know, because she bailed before my set – probably because the audience was full of scary small-town conservatives. Also, I think it was her birthday. Amy told really smart and charming jokes about her childhood, and I admired her openness and intelligence. Maybe it sounds creepy, but from that day on, I decided that Amy and I would be friends. If Facebook and my warped sense of reality count for anything, I was totally right.

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Interview: Colin Stanley

colinThis blog is fabulous. And that’s not me bragging – at least about myself. See, the reason I love managing this blog is that it enables me to connect individually with some incredibly wonderful people, many of whom I only see in group settings, or, in some cases, I only see about once a year. This week’s interview is with someone I see fairly often (since we’re on an improv team together – plug!), but I’m glad to get to know him better through this interview. Because, ya’ know, there’s meeting people, and then there’s “meating” people.

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Interview: Rick Andrews

rickandrewsToday’s interviewee is what I call “improv famous,” meaning if you’re into improv, you probably know who he is. He’s also “improv nice” and “improv intelligent.” I can’t speak for him outside the context of improv.

Rick Andrews teaches and performs at The Magnet Theater in New York and has taught and performed across the country at festivals and the like, including at The Improv Shop and for Compass Improv Festival in St. Louis.

More important than any of that, though, is the fact that Rick has met Amy Poehler. So, if Rick has anything to say about it, you’ll be seeing an interview with Amy Poehler on the blog soon. Right, Rick? …Rick??

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Interview: Royce Roeswood

royceWhen I arrived in Denver, one of the first things I did was sign up for an improv class. Like Michael Scott in The Office, I did not want to start over at Level One when I moved. But I did, because I wanted to get involved, get a new perspective and make friends. The coach of my Level One (or Level Six, as I liked to think of it) was Royce Roeswood. He used his hands a lot when he spoke, and he asked a lot of questions, like “What did you think of that exercise?” He was kind of like an improv therapist-slash-mime. After that Level One class, I was selected by Royce to play on his new house team, and, while I didn’t end up actually doing so, I got to enjoy a number of practices with him. He’s an incredibly interesting guy, a wonderful improv coach, an inspiration to any creative or thoughtful person, and, still – in my mind, a funny therapist mime.

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Interview: Jeff Albright

vegan-jeffalbrightBeing interviewed this week is a guy who has many Cool Point worthy traits: He’s from the Midwest (holla!), he does stand-up and even runs his own open mic at one of the hippest comedy venues in town, he’s a manager at the equally hip music store Twist & Shout, and he— wait, what’s this? He doesn’t eat vegetables?! Forget I said anything.

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Interview: Lyndsay Shipley

vegan-lyndsIf you have met Lyndsay Shipley, you know she has a lot of zest and energy. Her sense of humor and ability to make people laugh are never-ending. She sings, she dances, she posts Facebook videos of herself dancing. She does sketch comedy and improv and doesn’t slack on either one. However, it isn’t until you edit her writing that you truly come to understand Lyndsay’s exuberance. In this post, I took out a hundred exclamation points, forty-thousand ellipses and a bajillion words typed in all capital letters. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate.

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