Interview: Jeremy Hellwig

hellwigSometimes the world seems awful. There’s an enormous pile of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean. Liberals and conservatives argue over everything from fiscal responsibility to equal rights. And SeaWorld is terrible and nobody’s sure what to do about it.* But when Jeremy Hellwig steps on stage, and everyone gets an eye full of bow tie, everything starts to seem a little less serious. Take a break from real life for a few minutes, and…

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Interview: Deanne Kapnik

Deanne and her husband holding heart shaped tofu bake, made for them by their kids for their anniversary.

Deanne and her husband holding heart shaped tofu bake, made for them by their kids for their anniversary.

Working at a Jewish museum means learning a lot of new words. My guest today is a coworker of mine who keeps kosher. I was going to make a joke about how kosher is just a Hebrew word for “not vegan,” but it turns out it’s not a Hebrew word at all. It’s more of a slang term that arose from a strange pronunciation of the word kashér (כָּשֵׁר), meaning “fit.” Thanks for ruining my joke, Wikipedia. You know who happens to love my jokes, as well as having some real zingers of her own?

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Interview: Erica Roper

erica-selfToday, Erica Roper is one of my favorite friends on Facebook. But little did you know, about thirteen years ago, you could find Erica and me sailing, canoeing and white water rafting (wait, no) through a reservoir in Mascoutah, Ill. Yes, Erica and I were in the same Senior Recreation class in high school. And yes, I believe she did fall in once. Did I rescue her? Well, I would now. And that’s all that matters.

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Interview: Jodi Werner

jodidogYou know that saying, “You either love it or hate it?” Well, when it comes to Jodi Werner, you love her and you hate her. You love her because she’s open, honest and posts some of the funniest things your Facebook news feed has ever seen. And you hate her because she’s funnier than you and you’ll never reach the high bar she’s set and your eye makeup will never look as good and you should just give up on life altogether. But I digress…

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Interview: Eric Farone

faroneThis cool cat runs a local improv theater in Denver called the Bovine Metropolis Theater, a play on the city’s old nickname, “Cow Town.” Eric spends his (some of which is my) hard-earned money on McDonald’s and meat sandwiches, even though there’s a pretty good Indian restaurant right next door. He’s probably never even had papadum. Non-vegans are so weird. Let’s talk to him anyway.

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